Why we create.

4 persons in one? Maybe. The work does suggest the possibility.

It’s also 4 parts in one, part compulsion, part agenda, part training, and part intuition. 

Who we are.

We are a creative identity finding expression anyway and anytime we can. We paint, draw, sculpt, digitize, photograph, and video.


Creative Director


Director of Imagination






Charles was born in Eastern Kentucky. He lives there now. His inspirations are deeply tangled, but the seeds were planted by his mountain family where creativity abounds unabated by hardship. He has drawn his entire life, it’s how he understands himself and the world. Drawing is thinking. A small quiet kid with a crayon kept drawing to see what would happen.

Charles grew up in various states, of consciousness and of place. He was more influenced by the people of these places than the places themselves. His world is lit by the creative spark of ideas that work themselves into his noggin.


Charles studied art under Maud Gatewood and Robert Marsh at Averett University earning a B.A. degree for Art in 1991. It was a magical place and time. History oozed from the walls, from every nook it seemed that a memory haunted. Where else can you learn to paint and draw in an empty pool?

Charles received a most welcome fellowship and teaching assistantship to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He earned his M.F.A. in painting from UNCG in 1998 where he was awarded the Holderness Fellowship, the Howard Scholarship, and a Faculty Award. Charles was also awarded a VSC/UNCG Fellowship to participate in the Vermont Studio Center’s Residency Program. It was here that he discovered what was possible. History oozed from these walls as well, and it fell in buckets.


The work of Charles Parker Boggs crosses all mediums and finds it's outlet in several styles. It can be difficult to decipher the works and the when and how of their creation. Conversations with the artist sometimes seem as performances themselves as his primary goal is the creative act. When questioned about his artistic upbringing, he has been known to say, "I was raised on religion, radio, television, video games, and Salvador Dali."


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