Don’t Be Selfish with Your Art – Neoplasm Give Away

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Recently, I gave an art talk to the undergraduate art students at my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I was given the opportunity to talk about my work and the practice of making art.

Maybe it’s cultural, or endemic to Appalachia, but talking about my art work seems real close to bragging, or putting on airs. So, I usually try to step back a bit by inserting a heart felt plea. The heart felt plea on this particular day was, “Don’t be selfish with your art.” Overtime, I have developed this notion that creativity for the sake of your own pleasure can be harmful to the creative process.

So, I shared my thoughts on this topic and my belief that you should use your talents for good. With great talent comes great responsibility.

And then, I gave about 60 of the hand sculpted “Neoplasms” to the students in attendance. Who doesn’t like free art?

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