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Like a Mule Over the Mountains

With everything we owned, seventeen years ago my wife and I made the move back to the mountains of Kentucky. The mule didn't hold enough so we loaded up a tractor trailer. I knew making art and a living is harder but the family unit grows closer here. And it's proven to be the wisest move.  

I've been able to create art and to exhibit my work in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Atlanta while living in eastern Kentucky. Oddly enough though, the opportunity for a real show of my work in Kentucky eluded me, until now. Where's the love Kentucky?

I'm excited to share my new work at the Appalachian Artisan Center in Hindman, Kentucky. I believe these paintings, sculptures, items, and drawings are my most personal to date. This body of work, created mostly over the past year, reveals itself for the first time in person. So many secrets and hidden thoughts.

Sometimes art makes you fight for it. The creative struggle can be a real part of the practice. Even though I risk sounding melodramatic, I will tell you these pieces didn't come about easily. But they wouldn't mean as much if they had.

Come see the show and the awesome Appalachian Artisan Center. The reception is February 15th, 6:00, on the second floor of the AAC. 

You might enjoy the show, because of the humor.

Hanging the Work

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