MORE!BIG!NEW! Custom Art Wear

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Piquing Curiosity

Each piece is a key to unlocking your imagination.

I started painting my own art wear because I couldn’t find anything that gave me a sense of delight. I wanted to wear art into the everyday world and I wanted it to say, “I love life, I love being here.” Life is short, wear art.

This art wear is created to bring delight, to produce a sense of wonder, and to bring fun into the world. When someone does a double take, or talks to me but can’t stop looking at the art wear, I know their imagination is excited. When they are confused by what they see, I start to smile.

Each paint stroke, color choice, design, all made for this one object. Truly one of a kind. Hand painted and customized by me and the design will not be repeated or mass produced. It just won’t be, ever, it’s not how I work. The work is about the new, building and growing always as I gather more ideas with bigger visions.

You can’t help but feel happy and special when you wear these pieces. You’ll smile and so will everyone else.
It’s like the first time when you felt really dressed up, you floated, smiling ear to ear.Charles Parker Boggs